Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Little Better News :)

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to let you know that I feel much better. I have been fever free for couple days now and the only thing that remains to do in the hospital is to start my next round of chemotherapy. On Tuesday the 10th, I will be also getting a port which is a device that is placed under my skin and connected to my vain. This will help with all the pokes and  iv lines. As that will also help prevent my veins to get too tender to be poked.
So next steps start tomorrow and I will be out of the hospital on Wednesday late afternoon coming home to my beautiful daughter and loving husband whom I can't wait to see.
If you are wondering about my mouth soars it is not worth complaining anymore because it is getting little better, but starting chemo again I expect to be back where I was. So I will stop complaining because it will not stop until I am done :)
Thank you to all my visitors and all the little helpers who took care of Terezka or stopped by at the house to fold laundry!!!!
So the only thing is to push forward and get this done! So push with me ok? 
Keep in touch!!!
With love,


Monday, May 9, 2011

Another Update - Hospital Stay

I know I have not been writing for a while now but there are some recent developments that prevented me to email you all and give you an update. On Tuesday May 3 in the afternoon, I was admitted to the hospital with high fever 103 F and what seemed to be an infection. After some tests, the doctors discovered that my white blood cells are really low at 200 and trying to determine if I am fighting a flue or sinus infection at the same time. It has been a hard stay at the hospital as Terezka is staying with Erika and Maros who are taking a great care of her because Peter is gone on business trip. Peter is coming home early (tonight to be more specific) as I have to stay in the hospital until fever is resolved and my white blood cells increase. That also need to be resolved before I can get another round of treatment.

Little bit of good news I got through my stay is that my HCGC (the pregnancy) hormone levels went down from 1100 to only 300 which means that the chemotherapy is working :). I am at the Fairview Southdale Hospital so people can stop by but please make sure to call me first and that you have not been feeling sick or came in contact with sick people. Ohh please be prepared to talk as my mouth hurts and it is hard for me to talk :) Thank you all for you continuous support and help. I will keep you all posted.